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We are always working to provide our membership with the most current and comprehensive resources that will help them on their path to recovery. Please visit the following pages to see how we can best assist you on your journey.

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Behavioral Healthcare Inc and its providers are not allowed to ask you, your family, or your estate to pay for any part of a Medicaid behavioral health covered service, even if Medicaid doesn’t actually pay for the service. There are no co-pays for behavioral health services under Medicaid.

Utilization Management decisions are made solely on the appropriateness of care and service as well as existence of coverage. BHI does not reward practitioners or other individuals for issuing denials of coverage or services. BHI does not issue financial incentives for utilizations management decisions that encourage decisions that result in under-utilization. BHI does not promote any activity or decision that create barriers to care and service. BHI is prohibited from making decisions regarding hiring, promoting, or terminating its practitioners or other individuals based upon the likelihood or perceived likelihood that the individuals will support or tend to support the denial of benefits.

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